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Grado launches new products for channel partners

Sep 13, 2021
Grado launches new products for channel partners

New Delhi

GRADO by GBTL, held a grand conference to launch myriad new product offerings at the ITC Dwarka, New Delhi. The conference witnessed all channel partners from across India, assembling over the days.

The 4-day conference showcased a brilliant new range of products which included a fantastic array of Ethnic Wear presented in different colours, designs and patterns of reds, blues, creams, emerald, maroon and more. The various fabrics have been segregated into various occasions of the wedding including haldi and mehendi. An Ethnic Wear catalogue and a show-stopping video was also launched.

Best sellers like ALSACE - 20% wool tweed for jacketing and suiting, PICASSO – fibre dyed TR fabrics in unique colours, and STREEZA – India’s four-way stretch fabric in many unique designs and colours, were showcased. There was also a range of products in different colours and designs that were well appreciated with over 400 new designs in the latest collection.

The brand has a very committed and dedicated dealer network and over the days in the New Delhi conference, a lot of new strategies and roll out plans for the brand were discussed. The conference ended with a renewed enthusiasm to work hard towards building more market share and increasing retail footprint.

Manish Shukla, CMO of GRADO by GBTL, said that, they worked very hard to put the new collection together which is exciting for their partners (dealers and retailers). He added that, GRADO by GBTL is all set grow its market share at a very fast rate and they are overwhelmed by the response from dealers participating and how everyone is optimistic about the products.

The brand GRADO by GBTL (erstwhile Grasim Bhiwani Textiles Limited) wishes to offer the entire product basket to the consumers - ranging from synthetics to cottons, under the same brand umbrella.

Source: Grado Press Release

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