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GOTS 2019 seminar to focus on organic textiles

Jul 19, 2019
GOTS 2019 seminar to focus on organic textiles

GOTS is set to host the ‘GOTS Bangladesh Seminar 2019’ (GBDS19), on September 8, 2019, with the theme ‘Connecting for Success’ at the International Convention City Bashundhra (ICCB) in Dhaka. The seminar will bring together key players of the organic textile industry, including brands, exporters, certifiers, chemical industry, and other stakeholders.

Various topics will be covered in the seminar. This includes Sustainable Retail, where buyers from international brands and retailers sourcing in Bangladesh will share and discuss their experiences and trends with garment suppliers and other supply-chain partners.

The requirements for the standard have consistently been evolving to keep pace with technical research and market requirements. In the GOTS Technical Criteria and its Implementation session, latest criteria will be discussed, and implementation partners will share their experiences with technical aspects of the standard.

During the Connecting on the Job - Workers and Management session, working conditions at garment (and other) factories in Bangladesh will be explored. It will connect workers and factory owners to discuss relevant social compliance issues.

In the ever-evolving market and compliance landscape, coordination between supply-chain partners is paramount to the success of textile supply-chains. The Connecting Supply Chain Partners session will connect key supply-chain partners including garmenting, wet processing, testing, certifiers, and chemical suppliers to discuss challenges and opportunities at every step of the supply-chain.

GOTS has been organising international and regional events since 2015. The Seminar 2019 is the second GOTS-event held in Bangladesh and the fifth event in the Indian subcontinent region organised by GOTS. The first seminar in Bangladesh took place in November 2016, counting 180 people from five countries.