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FET lab set up for collaboration project in Indonesia

May 24, 2021
FET lab set up for collaboration project in Indonesia

A new FET-100 series laboratory melt spinning system has been set up by Fibre Extrusion Technology Limited (FET) of Leeds, England, for filament yarn application in Indonesia. The ceremony was launched by Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, the Minister of Industry. Other industrial leaders and Ministry of Industry figures were also present. Innovation agency BSP and FET representatives also attended the event. The responsibility of carrying out research, testing, certification, development, cooperation, and development of the textile sector was given to the Center for Textile, Balai Besar Tekstils of Bandung. The same will be guided and controlled by the Ministry of Industry. The motive behind this is that Indonesia should become a ‘Resilient Industrial Country’ that is competitive and strong, based on innovation and technology.

It is expected that the new FET-100 system that is introduced by England in Indonesia will play an important role in bringing technological innovation to the Indonesian textile industry. Fibre manufacturers in Indonesia will have access to an advanced method of melting and spinning fibre. This will further help them to develop and test their own novel fibres that can be used for global applications. Another benefit of this laboratory melt spinning system is that it can produce both mono and bi-component formats as this system is multi-polymer.

As the world continues to struggle with the pandemic, this event was streamed online so that relevant businesses could view and attend the event. Due to COVID restrictions, the event was covered on local television. It was promoted by the Indonesia Synthetic Fiber Manufacturer Association and the Indonesia Textile Association.

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