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Ferrara forays into Indian market

Nov 28, 2019
Ferrara forays into Indian market

Ferrara forays in the Indian market to set new fashion benchmarks in the fabrics and textile industry. With the classic brand colours of Prussian blue and gold, this brand with a Pegasus as its insignia is creating a stir in the market.

Italy has been the centre of fashion, art, and architecture for the world to follow. The birthplace of renaissance art and till today remains on top amongst other trendsetters in the fashion industry. The brand is created for the discerning buyer of luxury suiting and jacketing fabric. The brand stands for refinement and stature that the fabrics endow. It is an invention for the connoisseur of luxury and elite fashion.

Ferrara embodies the aesthetic Italian culture in its fabrics. Inspiration is drawn from the art and architecture of Italy in the product designs for Ferrara – embracing both micro and macro structures. With its distinct Italian character and exotic design aura, the brand and its superfine quality are beyond compare.

Ferrara forays into the market with an array of worsted fabrics spun in exotic blends such as milk fibre, rose fibre, cashmere, mohair, etc. There is a plethora of fabric offered by the brand to up their luxury and comfort quotient - each fabric showcases these nuances because of the superfine blends that are used to create the best of suiting and jacketing for men.

Vikram Mahaldar, MD & CEO, OCM, said, “The brand marks the essence of Italian fashion. The fabrics used are of superfine quality and is aimed to cater to a discerning niche. We believe that it was essential to create fabrics that would amalgamate luxury and still have utilitarian benefits. The fabric is crafted to give the consumers a feel of luxury and establish its presence in the Indian fashion industry.”