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Fashion for Good shows how to do fashion differently

Jul 19, 2020
Fashion for Good shows how to do fashion differently

After a brief hiatus, the Fashion for Good Experience has reopened and launched a new theme titled “A CUT ABOVE”. The theme leads programming and events in the museum for the next six months, showing visitors how we can reimagine the way our clothes are designed, made and worn. The selected brands, emroce, Flavia La Rocca, senscommon, The Fabricant, Unspun and Wires, showcase fashion done differently, with 3D weaving, body scans, modular fashion and entirely digital fashion and are available to purchase today in the Good Shop. In addition, the Fashion for Good Experience introduces their new digital museum tours as well as five new, unique exhibition pieces.

Due to restrictions around the current pandemic, the launch of “A CUT ABOVE” will took place recently as an online event that features the owners of the curated brands, whose products will be available in the Netherlands for the first time in the Fashion for Good - Good Shop. Using a PechaKucha style presentation, the brands introduced themselves, speaking on how they are taking fashion to the next level; from sourcing – using sustainable materials and zero-waste patterns; to assembly – with 3D weaving techniques; and finally to use – creating infinite styles through modular garments or designing virtual fashion that only exists in the digital space.

The new theme will run until January 2021.

Starting this weekend, the Fashion for Good Experience will be running guided digital tours, giving access to their museum for visitors from around the world to discover the stories behind their clothes and to explain how they can make more sustainable choices. The tours are guided by well-trained Fashion for Good hosts, who explain all the ins and outs of the fashion industry and the innovations that are making fashion better.

Gwen Boon, Experience Manager, explains: “Guided tours of the museum are always incredibly popular and due to the fact that we are based in Amsterdam we weren’t able to share our innovation stories and exhibits with the global audience as we’d like to. We have now developed interactive tours with a quiz and personalised one-on-one guidance, to ensure literally anyone can enjoy our museum now!”