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Eurofins and Tailorlux join hands for traceability

Jul 30, 2021
Eurofins and Tailorlux join hands for traceability


Eurofins Softlines & Leather and Tailorlux have entered into a MoU in order to support the concerns related to footwear, textile, and garment industry on traceability.

Eurofins S&L and Tailorlux are going to show cooperation on digital fibre verification in order to respond to the rising consciousness of retailers, suppliers, consumers, and brands to identify and trace the source of materials and end products. As per the MoU, a special focus will be made on recycled materials.

Tailorlux’s cutting-edge system can be leveraged by textile and footwear buyers and suppliers. This is used to verify the recycled content of a textile or footwear. The products can be tracked with the polymer or viscose marker fibre from Tailorlux. The online verification and machine-to-machine elements are highly useful for the textile and footwear industry. The latest technology also promotes greater brand protection and product authenticity.

The industry is excited to examine the environmental impact of the entire supply chain so that it can accurately trace the lifecycle of materials and products. With the help of Eurofins Softlines & Leather’s global laboratory coverage, Tailorlux technology users are able to deliver their samples very easily to the Eurofins laboratories. Here they can get their samples validated and further test them to obtain data for quantification.

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