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EU angles for closer ties with Pakistan

Nov 16, 2016
EU angles for closer ties with Pakistan

The European Union (EU), which has provided Pakistan GSP Plus status, has proposed to work on a  a five-year strategic partnership with that country.The textile industry in Pakistan contributes 8.5 per cent to GDP and 60 per cent to exports while employing 38 per cent of the workforce. The EU has provided Pakistan GSP Plus status.

Pakistan wants brand owners of textiles from the EU to divert the bulk of their buying from Pakistan since it is well placed for the production and supply of high quality textile goods at attractive prices. Fighting poverty and helping the country on its path towards inclusive and sustainable growth are the aims of EU support to Pakistan. The EU considers that such goals will only be achieved by increasing political stability, improving the rule of law, bringing about human and social development, creating productive and decent work opportunities and diversifying the economy.

Although the EU is regarded a strong economic player it is still seen as a weak political power. The EU intends to change that view by using its position as a development and aid donor as its main strategy to foster democracy and strengthen Pakistan’s institution-building.