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Ecotec yarn for sustainability

Oct 11, 2017
Ecotec yarn for sustainability

Italian yarn supplier Marchi & Fildi had made a strategic choice and undergone an authentic evolution, aiming straight at the circular economy and focusing on their innovative cotton yarn, Ecotec smart cotton.

The first ‘Made in Italy’ material obtained through an exclusive, fully traceable and certified production process that transforms 100 per cent dyed cotton remnants with very positive results in efficient use of water, energy and CO2 emissions.

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study has confirmed that savings of up to 56.3 per cent of CO2 emissions, 56.6 per cent in energy resources and a further 77.9 per cent in water consumption can be saved along the whole production process. This efficiency relates back to the raw material, where savings are guaranteed thanks to the process that allows the transformation of quality pre-consumer cuttings transformed into excellent yarn.

Ecotec yarns have a molecular structure that results in fabrics that stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. No new cotton fibers are used in the production of this smart natural yarn, eliminating the need to import and process virgin cotton. Unlike other recycled yarns where a premium is placed, the price of Ecotel is in line with regular products as the yarn is created on Marchi & Fildi’s conventional spinning systems.

To achieve 100 per cent Global Recycle Standard (GRS) yarn, Ecotec is now being blended with Phoenix yarn from Marchi & Fildi, consisting of 50 per cent Ecotec and 50 per cent recycled polyester. Available in a wide range of trendy colors, due to the already dyed cuttings used to create Ecotec, dyeing is not required, further highlighting the company’s smart oriented vision in saving water.