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DuPont & Lenzing to launch sustainable fabric collection

Oct 31, 2019
DuPont & Lenzing to launch sustainable fabric collection

DuPont Biomaterials and Lenzing are launching a fabric collection made of fibres derived from natural materials – DuPont Sorona fibres and Tencel Lyocell and Tencel Modal fibres from Lenzing, to give soft garments, greater resilience in stretch, recovery and dimensional stability. The collection will have applications for intimates, activewear and ready-to-wear.

The blend of DuPont Sorona fibres and Tencel Lyocell and Tencel Modal fibres encompasses an entire range of constructions, colours and weights. There are many stretch fabrics in this collection offering designers spandex-free options. Sorona polymer fibres offer the perfect comfort stretch performance without breaking down overtime, due to heat, UV rays, or chlorine exposure meaning clothes continue to look, feel and perform great each time you wear them.

“The future of fibres belongs to the companies that are putting performance and sustainability at the forefront of everything they do,” said Renee Henze, global marketing director, DuPont Biomaterials. “Our collaboration with Lenzing’s Tencel branded fibres will allow more apparel brands the opportunity to weave sustainable comfort into their products and achieve the ultimate blend of comfort, eco-efficiency and performance. Together, DuPont and Lenzing address tomorrow’s challenges through renewably sourced fibre materials without compromising performance and value.”

In intimate apparel, the exceptionally soft knitted blends of Tencel Modal fibres and Sorona fibres, create a blend of long-lasting luxurious softness and cozy comfort that creates a barely there feel.

In active wear, Tencel Lyocell and Modal fibres together with Sorona fibres create knitted fabrics that can keep the body pleasantly cool and dry with their natural comfort and versatility, enabling freedom to move with confidence.