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Cotton-growing regions face risk of severe climate

Jun 26, 2021
Cotton-growing regions face risk of severe climate


Climate changes can affect half of the global cotton-growing regions by 2040. These regions could be exposed to extreme weather events, changes in rainfall, and high risks from temperature increases.

According to a global study, all global cotton-growing regions will be exposed to an increased risk of one or the other climate hazard due to the worst-case climate scenario by 2040. As per the study conducted by the Cotton 2040 initiative and climate-risk specialists Acclimatise, part of Willis Towers Watson's Climate and Resilience Hub, it was revealed that the temperature increase ranges from very low to very high risk.

It is also seen that most of the countries, including India miss emission reduction commitments and targets which gives a warning of more than 3C by the end of this century. This climate change and disruption are unavoidable even with the success of decarbonization. As per Alastair Baglee, Director, Corporates - Climate & Resilience Hub, Willis Tower Watson, the world should prepare today if the impact of climate change on society is to be limited.

The study also said that for the global textile market, cotton comprises 31% of the raw material and it has an economic impact of $600 billion every year. Indian cotton is majorly grown on small farms of less than 1 hectare. The study had a special focus on Telangana, Maharashtra, and Gujarat for cotton cultivation.

Source – Business Standard

Image Source: Wikipedia

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