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Compact multi-purpose machine from LACOM

Jul 28, 2017
Compact multi-purpose machine from LACOM

For a complete range of laminated and coated products in home textiles, hotmelt laminating and coating machine: Compact version of multi-purpose laminating and coating machine (MPBL) from LACOM GmbH, Germany is preferred choice by producers of home textiles.

LACOM have supplied worldwide about 280 machines and in India since 2007, already seven LACOM machines are working to customers’ complete satisfaction. On LACOM machine, all kind of flexible substrates, available in roll form, such as –woven fabrics, knitted textiles, nonwovens, foam, paper, membrane, film, and foil can be used. The machine is built to handle with great precision and comfort the delicate and difficult substrates.

LACOM, in fact, can supply the machines with three different applicator systems:
  • Multi-roller (Plain roller)
  • Multi-purpose (Combined plain and gravure roller)
  • Slot die
However, LACOM’s MPBL 1,000 /1,800/2,100/2,400 (max working width in mm, i.e., finished product width) CV (compact version – unwinders and winder within frame structure) is most economical and preferred machine. The minimum possible width on these machines will be 500 mm. LACOM can offer larger unwinders / winders up to 2,000 mm for big rolls on A/H frames and accumulators for continuous line instead of a batch to batch. LACOM also manufactures and supplies machines of special executions and range of peripheral equipment required with laminating and coating machines.

In hotmelt machines, only the coating/bonding material is heated and not the substrates. So during lamination and coating process, there is no thermal effect to any of the substrates and therefore no shrinkage by heat or change of colour or influence to materials (carrier substrates or laminating substrates). Also, as there is no water or solvent involved in the process, there is no need of dryer/s.

The coating material/bonding materials possible to use of LACOM machines are-- Thermoplastics such as  EVA, PP, PO, Co-PET, Co-PA, TPU (special grade) and PSA and also the two reactive adhesives – PUR (polyurethane) and POR (Polyolefin).