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Colour Atlas from Archroma

Aug 22, 2016
Colour Atlas from Archroma

Archroma has created Colour Atlas, a colour library to easily bring colour creativity and manageability to an entirely new level for stylists and designers, brands and retailers, and their suppliers.

The Colour Atlas is a cotton poplin colour library with more than 4,300 readily available new shades. The six volumes in this physical library come in an innovative, new, accordion-fold design that allows for quick, intuitive browsing of the samples. Colorful book covers indicate the shades that lie within each volume, and secure tabs help keep the swatches neat and ordered while allowing them to be easily removed.

As an added feature, a mobile-friendly online Colour Atlas offers features such as color-on-the-go, which allows users to capture an image using their smart phone, identify the closest Colour Atlas shades and, if desired, purchase a color sample instantly.

Archroma is a global leader in color and specialty chemicals. It actively evaluates the environmental impacts of textile treatment, dyeing and finishing processes – and recognises that it’s no longer sufficient to merely comply with relevant regulations.