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Clothing that heals!

Sep 23, 2016
Clothing that heals!

An innovative bioactive textiles enabled with healing capacities and intended for dermatological patients has been developed in Poland. The new textiles, created by a Polish team, allow to produce clothing that can treat dermatoses with the use of microspheres containing active herbal extracts. 

The bioactive textiles can be used to produce clothing for handicapped and older persons. The clothing is made of natural fibres, which are safe for human skin, that is, linen and organic cotton. Knitted and woven fabrics were dyed with natural dyestuff extracted from plants with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. The clothing’s functionality was ensured through the application of microcapsules filled with curing herbal extracts. The garments were personalised to fit them to patients’ needs regarding the type and location of skin diseases, as well as the shape and size of bodies.

The developed bioactive clothing will have a major impact on improving the quality of life of its users by enabling them to carry out treatment therapies that are often cumbersome, and by ensuring their well-being and safety.