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Carpet Design Awards enter 13th year

Sep 12, 2017
Carpet Design Awards enter 13th year

The stage is set for the Carpet Design Awards which enter the 13th year in 2018. Designers and makers of modern hand-made carpets have until November 1 to submit their entries for the highly coveted award. The Carpet Design Awards are an international badge of distinction, given in recognition of quality and design excellence in hand-made carpets and rugs.

Presented annually at DOMOTEX, next year’s awards will be conferred in eight categories, with the winners receiving their prizes on January 13 at the Carpet Design Awards display.

Applications for the awards are submitted online, and each entrant can submit up to three designs per category. Entry is restricted to designers and manufacturers who are exhibiting their exclusive carpet creations at DOMOTEX 2018. The only exception to this is the “Best Studio Artist Design” category, which is also open to designers who are not exhibiting at DOMOTEX.

The Carpet Design Awards help to give expression to cutting-edge innovations and emerging trends in the carpet industry. Since the inception of the awards, the categories have therefore been refined and updated to reflect industry trends. The 2018 awards have two new categories: Best Interior (high-end customisation project or rug installation demonstrated with high-quality images) and Best Communication (successful marketing or branding campaign demonstrated with high-quality images).