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big digital printing shows in Paris, Amsterdam

Feb 05, 2016
big digital printing shows in Paris, Amsterdam

The interest in digital printing is getting hotter everyday! Looking at this trend, Messe Frankfurt France has launched the Avanprint, the trade fair for digital printing solutions, which will be running in parallel with Texworld Paris and Apparel Sourcing, slated to happen from February 15 to 18, 2016 at Paris, Le Bourget. Avanprint will showcase innovative solutions and the latest developments in digital textile printing, where high-tech and creativity are entering an equal partnership.

The principal aim of this annual platform will be to satisfy the need for meetings and exchanges between designers and product managers encouraged by the overall innovation which digital printing techniques provide. Digital printing can slash the time from development to delivery (one single-pass machine can produce 75 m/minute, enhance stock management, improve resupply reaction time, offer more and more innovative design potential and contribute to sustainable production.

Digital printing has two advantages which respond to major current ecological and economic concerns. It allows water consumption to be cut drastically, and while textile printing used to require 20 litres of water per kg those days, today, digital printing allows use to be reduced ten times over, to two litres of water per kg.

Clothing now accounts for 42 per cent of the digital printing market. About 650 million m2 were produced in 2015 and the forecast for 2019 is 1.6 billion m2 . The ink price per square metre can account for between 0.4 and 1.2 per cent of the total price, which means that digital printing costs in clothing production are very economical.

At present, design and graphic design are essential for the technological advances associated with machines to be able to move fully into the fashion industry. From this key economic perspective, Avanprint is inviting the 22 Designers Collective to hold tailor-made, innovative, truly creative graphical demonstrations!

The exhibitors are manufacturers and distributors of digital textile printing machines (roll-to-roll, single pass, DGT and narrow format), peripherals and inks, designers of sampling machines, software and colour management solution suppliers, suppliers of fabrics, printable clothing and printing transfers, digital printing pattern designers, etc. An area of 1,000m² will be dedicated to them at this launch event.