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Arvind goes premium!

Aug 11, 2016
Arvind goes premium!

Arvind Limited has announced its foray into premium worsted suiting with the launch of ‘Primante’ brand. To be sourced entirely from Milan, Italy, the Primante fabric will see a combination of Australian Merino wool and Italian design to conceptualised by Arvind for urban Indian customers.
In a bid to bring in further innovation into premium worsted suiting, Primante will see wool and wool rich fine count fabrics ranging from Super 120s to Super 200s with blends of silk, mohair, Lycra, linen and poly filaments. The Primante worsted suiting fabrics will be priced in the range of Rs 2,000 per metre to Rs 1 lakh per metre.
With the worsted suiting market pegged at Rs 2,000 crore, Arvind Ltd is eyeing a 10 per cent market share in the next three years and 20 per cent in five years, said Kulin Lalbhai, ED, Arvind Ltd.
Apart from suit fabrics, Arvind will also offer fabrics for sport coats, tweed jackets and business coats. The product development and quality control parameters will match global standards, with an attempt to infuse European fashion in the designs.