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Arkema acquires Agiplast for sustainable growth

May 27, 2021
Arkema acquires Agiplast for sustainable growth

Arkema has acquired Agiplast - a leader in the regeneration of high-performance polymers - to offer solutions for addressing growing market expectations and materials circularity. The project is expected to contribute to the sustainable development of the polymer industry. Arkema aims to continue its sustainable growth strategy with this project. It has a plant in Italy and a capacity of 32 employees. The company wishes to use the knowledge of Agiplast, which is a leader of high-performance polyamides and fluoropolymers, in mechanical recycling technologies and use it in offering high-quality recycled polymers to its customers.

In October 2019, the two companies had previously launched Virtucycle program that aimed to develop loops for the collection and regeneration of polymers that minimize carbon dioxide emissions and give high performance.

The new acquisition deal is reported to close in June 2021. After the acquisition, Arkema will be the first high-performance polymer manufacture that offers both recycled materials and bio-based materials to address the challenges posed by the scarcity of resources and end-of-life products.

Arkema, the world leader in bio-based high-performance polymers, will cater to its CSR and sustainable growth strategy with this acquisition. It will also be in line with the transition to a circular economy.

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