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A.T.E. & LUWA mark a decade of working together

May 07, 2019
A.T.E. & LUWA mark a decade of working together

In 2009, A.T.E., a leader in textile engineering, joined hands with LUWA, a global leader in industrial air engineering, to provide humidification solutions to the spinning and weaving sectors in India. A.T.E. and LUWA are backed by eight decades of experience in their respective fields, and LUWA has also been a solution provider to the Indian textile industry for over 25 years.     
LUWA stands for well-engineered, innovative systems, plants, and solutions for textile and other industries, always conforming to Swiss standards. In textile air engineering, they offer solutions for humidification, air-conditioning, filtration & waste handling requirements. LUWA offers complete and comprehensive services ranging from consultancy covering conception to manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and warranty services. LUWA is a trusted name for it’s over 1,000 customers in India.
Over the years, LUWA became the first time introducer of many new types of equipment, which subsequently set the standard as the optimum way to run a mill. For example, prefabricated air handling units in India have become very popular, which LUWA had introduced more than 20 years ago. LUWA is well known for its maintenance friendly rotary air filter with the suction nozzles mounted outside the filter drum; and for high-speed air washers made of non-corrosive material, with reliable high efficiency direct driven axial flow fans.
LUWA built its reputation in India with the spinning sector. However, apart from spinning, LUWA also has a huge presence in the weaving sector. One of its most popular offerings is the LoomSphere. The LoomSphere system has been developed to reduce energy consumption by means of direct air introduction focused on the production area where high humidity is required at the warp. The main advantage of the LUWA solution is the laminar flow air direct displacement air outlet. The LUWA air outlet placed on top of the loom provides laminar low speed airflow to the warp by means of a filter mat placed inside the outlet. The laminar flow assures a steady airflow without turbulence that causes induction of air mixed with low humidity ambient air. If instead, a high-speed air outlet is used, the humidity at the warp becomes neither controllable nor stable, which would adversely affect the quality and steadiness of the fabric.

PK Singh, President, Luwa India says “With A.T.E., we found the right partner, which complimented our line of business. Our customers are our strength and we found similar philosophy in A.T.E. which is the major reason behind our successful partnership in India.”

A.T.E. has been in the forefront of the Indian textile industry providing latest technology solutions and serving as a one window solution provider across the textile value chain. A.T.E., with its strong sales network, customer relationship and industry knowledge, has been a perfect partner for LUWA over a decade.