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A new responsive website by AATCC!

Jul 23, 2015
A new responsive website by AATCC!

AATCC has launched its new responsive website! The website design is fully responsive—enabling the user to view the website easily on desktop, tablet, and smart phone devices with clearly readable and accessible content. AATCC’s new website is in full compliance with Google’s new “mobile friendly” initiative. At the same time, all of the benefits and features users have come to value are available in the website’s new design. Its bold, dynamic look complements easy navigation and feature access. AATCC has been able to introduce more multimedia capabilities to the site.

Banner and focus advertising placements are available on the front page of the website. This advertising is also clearly visible on mobile platforms.

New links for the most widely frequented pages of the new website are: shopping online, test methods, member login, AATCC Textile JobSite, event schedules (workshops, conferences), and reading AATCC publications.

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