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We plan 10% growth in 2018: Skaat MD

Jan 01, 2018
We plan 10% growth in 2018: Skaat MD

G Radhakrishnan, Managing Director of SKAAT Machine Works India Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore is an MBA Graduate with diverge knowledge in different sectors such as solar, medical and also in the field of textiles. During an interaction with ITJ team members – Karthik Muthuveeran and Sripathy B – during the recently-concluded Texfair 2017 event in Coimbatore, G Radhakrishnan says, “I’ve been reading ITJ since my college days and happy to say that ITJ plays an important role in making me a successful textile entrepreneur.”

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, SKAAT Machine Works India Pvt. Ltd, for last 15 years, has grown to become the market leader in fancy yarn machinery manufacturing segment all over the world by using the latest digital motors, software and advanced industrial computers, moreover the professional technologies background. SKAAT products are designed and developed to suit various requirements. It is a leading high technology instrument manufacturer of products for quality measurement and certification for the textile industry.

Available solution and tailor made mechanism for individual spinning machine greatly contribute to many spinning mills success. Continual innovations guarantee SKAAT customers the competitive edge. SKAAT has variable models to produce slub, multi count, multi effect, multi twist, core yarn, slub tester and injection slub.

Recently-launched SKAAT ALL-IN-ONE

Speaking on the main attraction during Texfair and its USP’s, G Radhakrishnan says, “We have launched a new product for the textile market called ‘SKAAT ALL-IN-ONE’ machine.” The machine manufactures everything – right from fancy yarns to lycra.

He adds, “Nowadays every spinner needs 100 per cent quality products with 24x7 service support at affordable price with zero additional costs. With the help of SKAAT ALL-IN-ONE, the spinner can attain plain yarn, slub yarn, mosaic pattern yarn, variable grindle yarn, tri-colour yarn, single colour injection, double colour injection, yarn injection, twin safe yarn.”

Spinners are positively interested in different effects in the yarn to satisfy the fancy expected personalities. In the last decade, there has been a drastic change in the social needs of an individual where clothing plays a major role in the industry. Supporting the spinners, the effects and patterns

can be changed with the help of SKAAT machine. Majority of the coloured yarns or effects in the yarns are produced by replacing the rovings with different colours where the count remains the same. Skaat always assure the quality in the effects of yarn, where the pattern (length, thickness, mass random) is fixed earlier with the help of 15-inch IPC to get the expected design. According to SKAAT ALL-IN-ONE, there may be a huge number of possibilities of producing fancy yarns.

He was proud of the fact that none of the competitors had the quality of technology offered by them. On USP’s of SKAAT ALL-IN-ONE, he says, “We have integrated all the features in one single technology, which makes itself a very unique technology.”

Other unique offerings

To cover the entire market, SKAAT launched the new product – SKAAT NANO. Even small spindles spinner can run the fancy yarn to create a value addition in the production at optimum cost. Here, SKAAT provides a personalized solution to motivate the spinner to the next level.

SKAAT NANO is launched to cover the huge market, especially to satisfy the classic wear. SKAAT NANO is an empirical model that has been developed to find the dependence of the properties of slub. There is a great demand of slub yarn in suiting, shirting, denim and home textiles with advanced technologies. Now it is possible to produce a different variant of slub yarns in controlled and reproducible manner.

The company offers a wide range of products including SKAAT Slub, SKAAT Injection Slub, SKAAT Coreyarn (Soft and Rigid), SKAAT Injection, SKAAT ALL IN ONE, SKAAT BTS and SKAAT Tester, to name a few.

In slubs, SKAAT provides SKAAT DS4L, SKAAT DS3L, SKAAT DS2L, SKAAT DS2 and SKAAT DIGI300. SKAAT DS4L is specially designed for very long ring frames upto 1,860 spindles. In this model there are four servo system used to drive the rollers.

SKAAT DS3L is specially designed for very long ring frames with more than 1,200 spindles. In this model three servo systems are used to drive the rollers. SKAAT DS2L is designed for long ring frames, i.e., ring frames up to 1,200 spindles. Two servo systems are used to drive the splitted rollers, while SKAAT DS2 model is developed for medium ring frames up to 1,008 spindles and no need to split the middle and back bottom fluted rollers. SKAAT DIGI 300 slub attachment is designed for any make of short ring frames up to 600 spindles.

He adds, “Apart from the Textile Industry, SKAAT also caters to the Solar Industry and Medical Industry. We manufacture this product in our facility in Chennai. We are exporting these products to the US markets.

We have integrated solar panels and have supplied mostly in India and Overseas.

On R&D

G Radhakrishnan says: “We are continuously developing new products. We have a separate R&D team looking after innovations. Now, we are concentrating more on providing energy-saving technologies. Even bobbin transport system is our new product for the textile industry. Whatever products we bring in we make sure that they are cost effective, user friendly and long lasting.”

Current Textile Market

G Radhakrishnan says that Indian market in booming because of young generation. “The young generation is willing to spend on new clothes and do not shy away to try different patterns and designs. You can say that the younger generation has a direct impact on the textile industry.”

2018 and beyond

“In terms of performance, 2017 was a fantastic year for SKAAT. As said earlier, we received a lot of new orders post GST and demonetisation.

G Radhakrishnan concludes by saying that the company plans for 10 per cent growth in 2018, and wants to develop newer products to establish SKAAT’s name in the foreign countries.