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THEN SYN 8 cuts power consumption by 50%

Nov 01, 2017
THEN SYN 8 cuts power consumption by 50%

Founded in 1963, CHTC Fong’s Industries Co Ltd has principally focused on the business of designing, developing, manufacturing and selling of textile dyeing and finishing machinery. Starting from 1969, the business has been carried on under the name of Fong’s National Engineering Co Ltd, and becomes one of the first Hong Kong companies to explore the giant textile dyeing and finishing market in China. It is a key turning point for the Group’s future development. Each year, CHTC Fong’s produces more than 2,000 dyeing and finishing equipment of excellent quality and performance for the customers worldwide.

Walter SW Leung, Director – Sales & Marketing (Overseas), Fong’s National Engineering Co Ltd, speaks on the company’s growth in the last decade, and the machines and systems from the Group that are doing well in the Asian market. Excerpts...

How has it been going for Fong’s Group in the last one decade with the changes borne of mergers and take-overs of various companies globally?

Fong’s group is being transformed into the only one single total solution in dyeing and finishing for textiles subject to the various acquisitions in the last decade. Under such unique positon, we’ll be able to serve our global clients a complete production line rather than individual units of machinery. In addition, we are now better positioned in the R&D perspective to cater to the uplifting environmental concern, and demand on green and sustainable textile solutions.

How has Fong’s Group been faring in India, and also in other Asian countries, after there has been a total shift of this industry to the East?

Fong’s has entered the Indian market in the 80s, and other Asian countries even a bit earlier. It’s correct that there is a strong shifting of the industry from West to East, and therefore we are further enhancing our after-sales service support to cater to this change. In India, Indonesia and Thailand, we are operating our own service company whereas we hold our own local service engineers in countries like Vietnam and Pakistan.

Which are the machines and systems from the Group doing well in the Asian market? What are their benefits and advantages?

Fong’s ALLWIN yarn dyeing machine is our signature product particular for Indian market. Subject to our specific pump design and in-house casting factory, we are capable of assuring our clients a consistent pump flow characteristics from a one bobbin sample machine to a production machine of 5,000 bobbins a batch.

For other Asian markets, our flagship fabric dyeing machines under both Fong’s hydraulic technology of either atmospheric or high temperature series, and THEN aerodynamic technology are well established equipment for the industry.

Today, energy, water and ecology are the major issues that the dyeing and processing industry have been grappling with. What is Fong’s contributions towards this?

To cater to the increasing environmental awareness, Fong’s aims at striving for low utilities consumptions for all our dyeing and finishing equipment.

A typical good example is the development of our latest THEN SYN 8 aerodynamic fabric dyeing machine which is equipped with individual blower system rather than the conventional one single blower in the past. It significantly reduces the installed power consumption by 50 per cent.

In the US, Russia and some other countries, textile industry is reviving. What are the achievements of Fong’s in these areas?

It’s correct that textile industry is reviving in certain Central Asia countries in particular to the “One belt one Road” scheme of China. In fact, we start seeing and participating in several investment projects done by our Chinese customers. For the US, although the textile industry is revising but it’ll not be the major favor towards dyeing and finishing sector. However, the Central American region is started gearing up for increasing capacities in order to cater the US market under the CAFTA agreement.

How does the future of dyeing and processing look like? What are the challenges and targets for Fong’s Group?

There is no doubt that the first priority for Fong’s is to aim at continual R&D in order to provide a sustainable solution for the dyeing and finishing industry. Subject to the increasing labour costs in our home market – China, we also look into the automation aspect as well in order to help our Chinese customers in leveraging the labour costing.