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Our products are cost-effective & reliable

Oct 01, 2020
Our products are cost-effective & reliable

Harmeet Singh, Sales & Marketing Director, Jogindra Industries, speaks on the vast product basket of the company and its USPs.


Kindly share a brief introduction about the company. How it has evolved over the years?
Long way back, in 1985, JOGSON moved its hands to touch the soul of threads around them. From then, there is no looking back. In the last three decades, JOGSON has contributed relentlessly to design and manufacture high quality, cost-effective and reliable machines for yarn dyeing, conditioning, laundry and drying.

Riding on intensive R&D programme, JOGSON is dedicated to improvise existing machines, their manufacturing process with latest equipment and instrument, adopting innovative technologies for better sustainability and providing impeccable service and support.

The JOGSON group abides to international standards of quality control and safety in every step of design, manufacturing and assembly. All machines are in compliance with local technical regulatory authorities. Certifications like CE, TUV, ASME, IBR are provided according to customer's requirement. Further more, JOGSON operates under the standards of ISO 9001 since 2000.

Which are the various products for the textile industry? What makes it score over the competitors?
Our vast range of product portfolio include:
Multipot sample dyeing machine: Yarn dyeing industry needed a versatile sampling machine for their labs and R&D, so with the inputs of world wide dyeing industry leaders, JOGSON developed a unique and innovative concept in its own, Multi Pot Sample Dyeing Machine, which is offered from two to up to eight pots on common table either coupled to dye batches of same colour or can run individually to facilitate dyeing batches of different colours simultaneously. This is very useful for standardising the recipes of dyeing before batches are taken in bulk. This avoids trial and error methods, hence saves time and resources utilised. Each pot can range from 20 gm to 10 kg per batch as per the requirement. The machine allows sampling in laboratory and very useful for small batch production of expensive yarns. Each pot can be charged with different type of materials. Each pot has its own turbo pump and controller. Main feature of this machine is its perfect reproducibility from laboratory to bulk production. The machines are available with different levels of automation and can be equipped with either individual dedicated controllers or with centralised controller. They are suitable for dyeing of polyester, cotton, viscose, nylon, acrylic, texturised, silk, wool, etc. in various forms of cone, tape, narrow fabrics, zipper, hanks, ribbons, tops, loose fibre, etc.

HTHP vertical tubular dyeing machine: JOGSON offers economical and eco friendly Vertical Tubular Type Dyeing Machine to cater the dyehouse requirement of sampling and small lots. This machine is specially designed for small lots dyeing ranging from one kg up to 40kg/batch. It is often required in the dyeing industry to get a sample approved from the customer or sometime customer demands small dye lots of different colors. So HTHP Vertical Tubular Dyeing Machine provides the best solution to produce the required amount of dyed yam which in turn helps to save expensive materials and unnecessary production loss requirement which perfectly defines it as Economical, Eco friendly because it has ultra low liquor ratio which means it uses less water, saves electrical and heat energy, less effluent discharge, saves ETP cost respective to conventional dying machines. The machine is suitable for dyeing of polyester, cotton, viscose, nylon, acrylic, texturised, silk, wool, etc. in various forms like cone, tape, narrow fabrics, zipper, hanks, ribbons, tops and loose fibre.

HTHP horizontal tubular dyeing machine: HTHP Horizontal Tubular Dyeing Machine is a front loading, low MLR dyeing machine suitable for dyeing of polyester, cotton, viscose, nylon, acrylic, texturised, silk, wool, etc. in various forms like cone, tape, narrow fabrics, etc. It caters to the needs of high productivity textile Industries. These machines are offered with capacities from 10 kg up to 650 kg per batch. However two or more machines can be coupled to give larger batch size up to 1,300 kg. The coupled machines can be run as independent machine also at the press of a button.

HTHP vertical dyeing machine: HTHP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine is one of our best selling machines since its introduction. Precision engineered High Temperature High Pressure Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine have become the first choice of dyeing plant through out the textile dyeing industry with us having technical experience of around 1000 man years. HTHP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine has been designed for dyeing polyester, cotton, viscose, nylon, acrylic, texturised, silk, wool and all natural and man made fibres in various forms like cone, tape, narrow fabrics, zipper, hanks, ribbons, tops and loose fibre. These machines are offered for capacities from 10 kg up to 1,500 kg per batch. However two machines can be coupled to give larger batch size up to 3,000 kg. The coupled machines can be run as independent machine also at the press of a button.

Multicolour space dyeing machine: Space Dyeing Machine has been developed with the growing need of space dyed yarn globally and tie and dye market locally. This machine is used for polychromatic dyeing of cones in different possible patterns. It is suitable to dye any type of yarn both natural and synthetic i.e. polyester, cotton, rayon and many more. This machine is also able to space dye fine count filament polyester yarn in single cycle. It is one of the technologically advanced and successfully running machine in the market with newly-updated JOGSON Pneumatic Actuated Distribution system, water saving system for vacuum pump, pneumatic stirrer for colour tanks, etc.

Glycerin bath beaker dyeing machine: JOGSON has designed a versatile, compact and maintenance free Glycerin Bath Beaker Dyeing Machine, which is suitable for developing dyeing recipe for polyester, cotton, viscose, acrylic, silk yarns, zipper tapes, narrow fabric, sewing threads and any form of fiber or blended yarn. This machine is of immense use for dyeing plant, processing units, research and development labs, testing labs, textile institutes and dyes manufacturers. The Machine is equipped with temperature controller microprocessor TPR-14 which controls up to eight programmes with battery backup, electric gear motor, electric heater, heating / cooling coil, operator call and memory retention in case of power failure.

Yarn conditioning machine: JOGSON Yarn Conditioning/Heat Setting Machine is designed with an objective to restore natural properties of yarns i.e. to improve elasticity and strength, regaining moisture level, improving hydrophilic properties, removing snarling and curling effects, twist setting. This dual purpose machine is ideal to treat all natural and synthetic yarns i.e. cotton, viscose, lycra, blends, wool, polyester, nylon, acrylic and silk in the form of cone, loose fiber, hanks, muffs, tops, narrow fabrics, etc. It is offered with various types of yarn carrier trolley like : creel type trolley to carry cones, bobbins, trolley with hangers for loose yarn, hanks, socks and cage type trolley for loose fiber, hand gloves, etc. Automatic platform for nloading / unloading of yarn carrier trolley is also provided upon customer's request.

Hydro extractor: JOGSON Hydro Extractor is designed to extract excess water swiftly from the yarn, cones, loose hank with minimum vibration and noise. The outer drum and inner basket are made of AISI SS 304. with a top discharge opening, the basket is statically and dynamically balanced. It works under the unique principle of centrifugal force. We offer two types of Hydro Extractor – Belt Driven, machine mounted on heavy duty three leg suspension, and Direct Driven, basket mounted directly on the drive motor. It is available in different ranges from 3 to 36 movable spindle for cones / bobbin and up to 600 kg. per batch for Hanks, loose fiber, tape, top, narrow fabrics and garments.

Hot air drier: Hot Air Drier is specially designed for drying almost all types of natural and man made yarns like polyester, cotton, viscose, acrylic, silk, wool in various form like loose fibre, hanks and cones.

Industrial washing machine: Front loading industrial washing machine has been designed by using advanced technology to serve laundry industry, textile industry, hospitals, hotels, institution, etc.

How do you see the Indian textile industry evolve in terms of technology?
As we can see that acceptance of digital technology is getting increased day-by-day. Technology has become an inevitable part of consumer lifestyles. The increasing access to the Internet, at a more-affordable cost, and the higher penetration of digital devices has influenced consumers’ buying patterns substantially. Today’s consumer has a very clear mindset of buying latest technology and we at JOGSON also push people to go for high-end models of machinery because automation makes a lot of things easy which wont be possible if done manually.

So, Indian textile industry has got a lot of potential and manufacturers including us are strongly working on technology to introduce machines/products equipped with latest technologies by which we can make the end user happy.

Which are your major markets for tubular dyeing machines?
Considering Indian markets, our major markets for tubular dyeing machines are of northern and extreme southern region. If it is about out of India, then Europe, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are the areas where there is a high demand of our tubular dyeing machines.

How important is textile machinery exhibitions and trade shows for JOGSON?
Exhibitions and trade shows offer a grand platform for a brand to showcase their products and services. We at JOGSON push ourselves to exhibit more and more in every Established Textile Exhibition happening worldwide.