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New marketing strategy for creora launched

Nov 01, 2014
New marketing strategy for creora launched

Hyosung Corporation is the largest producer of spandex in the world with its brand - creora. Since its establishment in 1992, creora«, which is committed to excellence in quality, service and value, is constantly developing new products to meet the needs of the customers through continuous R&D to open new horizons in the textile industry.

Dong-Sung Pak, CEO & Managing Director, Hyosung Corporation India Pvt Ltd, talks to Editor of the Indian Textile Journal on topics ranging from their brand creora« to their plans for the Indian market.

ITJ Editor: When did Hyosung start the set up in India? How is its development till today?
Dong-Sung Pak (DP):
We started Hyosung´s set up in India in early 90s, and opened the office at Delhi in 2007. We established few regional offices at Ludhiana, Tirupur, Surat and Ahmedabad to cater and serve its users, effectively and efficiently. Due to our continual efforts and services, creora« has become one of the popular spandex brands in India with the highest market share.

ITJ Editor: Please give some details about creora«, the spandex from Hyosung.
Hyosung is the largest producer of spandex in the world with its brand - creora«. In our creora« business, we launched a new marketing campaign in 2014 to promote some of specialty spandex items.

For example:
creora eco-soft is a low heat settable spandex that allows mills to heatset their fabrics at a lower temperature thereby reducing the amount of energy they use and increasing their productivity.

ceora Power Fit is high power, high heat resistant spandex that can be used with disperse dye polyester to dye at higher temperatures thereby improving the colour fastness.

creora LUMINOUS enhances productivity and quality control by allowing customers to find potential breaks of spandex yarn in core spun yarn with UV light sources. Majority of the Hyosung textile products have aesthetic and/or functional benefits for improved value for our customers.

ITJ Editor: What is Hyosung´s plan for the Indian market?
Our corporate mission is to provide greater value to our customers, and we have the unique ability to optimise product innovation with different companion yarns, so we always have new items in development in each of our fibre categories. Our intent is to continue the reputed spandex brand with leading market share in the India market through our dedication to service, quality, consistency, innovation and delivery. Furthermore, we will give additional value creation through new fabric development at seminars and workshop. We will do fabric marketing to the end user in order to support our customer´s growth as well.

Our commitment to excellence in creora« is our competitive advantage as we provide better value products from the latest state-of-the-art proprietary technology in the world.

ITJ Editor: How do you think India is placed globally in the spandex market? What is Hyosung´s plan to boost spandex consumption in India?
We see the market in India as a very important growth market. We believe it is expected to grow by approximately 15-20 per cent every year. As India is said to be country of world´s largest young population, hence considering the trend among young population the Indian spandex consumption may increase more than expectation of 15-20 per cent. There is a comfort mega trend that will continue to drive demand for spandex along with the growth in apparel consumption in the Indian market.

To boost the spandex consumption in India, our intention is always to support user by our service, supply consistency and to make the easy availability to the us