High-precision products are our forte: S Shah

High-precision products are our forte: S Shah

Why do customers constantly seek Moksha? Moksha stands for industry-focused development, innovative new technologies and engineered yarn carriers of the highest possible standards: with true timely responsiveness to each customers diverse needs.

Why do customers constantly seek Moksha? Moksha stands for industry-focused development, innovative new technologies and engineered yarn carriers of the highest possible standards: with true timely responsiveness to each customers diverse needs.

Moksha Thermoplastics Pvt Ltd—one of the largest manufacturers of hi-tech specialised yarn carriers and with an experience of over 50 years—offers a wide range of products for the textile industry. These include speed frame bobbins, ring spinning frame and doubling tubes, JST rigorous steam-conditioning up to 140 degree Celsius, and cones and cheeses. They also offer yarn dyeing perforated cones and cheese up to 140 degree Celsius.

Snehal Shah, Chairman, Ahmedabad-based Moksha Thermoplastics Pvt Ltd, took us through the journey of the company over the years during an interaction with ITJ Senior Sub Editor Karthik Muthuveeran during ITMACH event in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He says, “The company started as a small company with specialisation in yarn carriers, which have critical applications. We started off with tubes, which were meant for high temperature conditioning. Even today, we are the only company that successfully manufactures JST tubes for conditioning up to 140 degrees Celsius. Others players have tried this, but have not been successful.”

Further, he adds, “Then we started manufacturing regular products around 1990s, and then grew steadily. The machines we have are sophisticated and were imported from Germany. We had a lot of technology interaction at that time, because one of the companies where our engineers got their training was in Germany. Subsequently that company closed down and we got a lot of support from the people out there.”

Moksha inducts ideas based on customer feedback and continuous learning and re-invent skills. It has the world’s largest state-of-the-art high precision injection moulding facilities. The company has the most modern Injection moulding plant – spread over 30,000 ft area. It has its own in-house tool room and the latest mould manufacturing facilities.

Moksha stands for innovative products

The Slim-Line speciality slim tubes are manufactured from speciality polymers alloyed for withstanding radial hoop stress caused by the wound yarn, on lean, slender tubes for auto doffing. “These are approximately 3 mm thinner compared to others. With a thinner tube, you can get more yarn in the same tube. The purpose of the tube is to transfer yarn from one tube to another. Thinner bobbins give more advantage. We had launched this around a year back and is quite successful in the market, says Shah.

The Slim-Line tubes give additional cop content with improved productivity on ring spinning and winding machines. It allows easy shift to coarse counts without doff losses when on link systems, and allows to optimise and strike balance between the gain in cop content and U/kg. “Our products are more productive in terms of production, efficiency and reliability,” added Shah.

“Moksha has been equipped with the latest technology. Our forte was [always] high precision in our products. The manual doffing machines were in operational till the last 10 years. In fact, we were one of the players in the field. The moment auto doffing took over, the precision demands in yarn carriers grew up too. There was a lot more precision from what was demanded earlier, and that is where we outgrew our competitors. Our products are more of a custom made products. Each of our products are made to order. We have a very wide product and colour range. Depending on the market, these are manufactured,” says Shah while speaking on the uniqueness of their products as compared to the competitors.

Moksha is committed to new developments and have expert designers with complex capability assisted by Solid Modeling – Computer Aided Design (CAD) programme.

Moksha has base all over the world. “We are exporting nearly 35 per cent of our products. Our primary market is the southeast Asian countries. We also have indirect exports, which are yarn carriers exported with yarn. In fact, a lot of spinning mills purchase our yarn carriers. Be it Vardhman Textiles, Welspun, Trident, all major companies use our products. We have a lot of customers in southern India, says Shah.

Says Shah: “Moksha has always been famous for bringing in new and innovative products for the textile market. We have a lot of new ideas that we come up with. Some of them do not click, but quite a lot of ideas have succeeded as planned. There are a lot of new products en route.”

GST and demo impact

Though the effect of GST-induced disruptions can’t be ignored in the near-term, the Indian textile industry is poised to grow from the long-term benefits that the new legislation offers. On impact of GST and demonetisation, Shah feels that GST and demonetisation has more or less had a short-term impact on the industry. Shah says, “I think, subsequently the industry has overcome it. It has impacted slightly but not majorly. We are working with top textile conglomerate, where this effect is not very major.”

“Today, Moksha stands for innovative products of the highest possible quality standards. Moksha has always equipped itself with the latest machinery. We have always modernised our machines and disposed of the old ones. We have a new machine, which are more efficient and can provide higher productivity. We have also focused on automation of our plants,” says Shah.

2017 and beyond 

Shah concludes: “If you speak about the industry in general, I can say that that the industry has not done with very good. But our growth at Moksha has been reasonable. In fact, Moksha has grown 10 per cent over the previous year. In 2018, we plan another 10 per cent growth and we are already headed towards this target.”

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