Ganesha Ecosphere to use CertainT for rPET authenticity

Ganesha Ecosphere to use CertainT for rPET authenticity

The company will deploy CertainT platform - Applied DNA’s traceability system - to secure recycled polyester supply chain.


Ecosphere Ltd – the largest recycled polyester (rPET) fiber producer in India
with over 300-plus customers, 250-plus suppliers, and 500-plus product variants
– will deploy CertainT® Platform, Applied DNA’s traceability system, to secure
recycled polyester supply chain. Applied DNA Sciences Inc is a leader in
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-based DNA manufacturing and nucleic acid-based


per the agreement between the two companies, Ganesha Ecosphere will deploy the
CertainT® platform to tag an initial pilot production of recycled polyester
(rPET) at Ganesha’s facilities in India and conduct confirmatory samples
testing at Applied DNA’s laboratories in India and the US. The collaboration
between the two companies will provide brands and textile manufacturers with a
trusted solution to support their sustainability goals for rPET and confirm raw
material authenticity at all stages of the textile value chain.


agreement will enable Ganesha Ecosphere to introduce and apply
CertainT-verified rPET to provide assurance for the raw material with textile
and apparel customers. Ganesha will also employ Applied DNA’s recently
introduced SigNature® T-100 tracer system that enables rPET source material to
be quantified in polyester blends by the CertainT platform. SigNature T-100 is
a proprietary molecular-based tracer system used to identify, analyze, and
verify rPET, polypropylene, acrylic, and potentially other man-made materials
for claims of both identification and quantification of the raw material tagged
and subsequently spun into yarn for various textile products.


has now added more authenticity and credibility to the entire textile supply
chain and is becoming an integral part of the recycling process. With Applied
DNA and CertainT, our customers can now trust in the original tagged synthetic
fiber and verify product-related sustainability claims,” stated B P Sultania,
Joint President of Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd.


entering the rPET business in 1994, Ganesha has pioneered the manufacturing of
rPET fiber and rPET yarn from post-consumer PET bottle scrap under the
leadership and vision of Chairman Shyam Sunder Sharmma. The company is the
largest producer of rPET fiber, spun yarn, and dyed filament with a cumulative
capacity of 118,800 metric tons per annum in India. Ganesha Ecosphere’s rPET
products are components in the manufacture of textiles, such as T-shirts, body
warmers, functional textiles such as non-woven air filter fabric, geo textiles,
carpets, and car upholstery, and fillings for pillows, duvets, and toys.


provides brands and manufacturers with a real strategic advantage that is truly
sustainable, traceable and trusted. Our India and Asia-based support teams for
recycled PET and other polymers facilitate CertainT’s commercial scale-up and
integration into customers’ supply chain,” stated Dr James A Hayward, President,
and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences.


Ecosphere Ltd (GESL) is the largest PET recycling company in India having 3
production facilities in north India. GESL produce a wide range of RPSF in
white, black and dope dyed colours in solid and hollow conjugated suitable for
Yarn spinning, nonwovens and fibre fill applications. GESL has also introduced
certain speciality high value added RPSF like Flame retardant fibre,
Anti-Microbial and Bio-degradable fibre.


DNA is commercialising LinearDNA, its proprietary, large-scale polymerase chain
reaction (PCR)-based manufacturing platform that allows for the large-scale
production of specific DNA sequences. The LinearDNA platform has utility in the
nucleic acid-based in vitro diagnostics and preclinical nucleic acid-based drug
development and manufacturing market. The LinearDNA platform also has
non-biologic applications, such as supply chain security, anti-counterfeiting
and anti-theft technology. Key end-markets include textiles, pharmaceuticals
and nutraceuticals, and cannabis, among others.


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