Fadis 4.0: A winder at customer’s service

Fadis 4.0: A winder at customer’s service

Fadis is synonymous with precision winding machines; the oldest company owned by the same family since its establishment in 1960.


Hall: 7 | Booth: B209

Fadis is synonymous with precision winding machines; the oldest company owned by the same family since its establishment in 1960. It is a leading company in the production of soft winders, rewinders, assembly winders, hank to cone winders, reeling machines, spooling and cops winders, intermingling and air texturising machines for the processing of any kind of yarn, from cotton, wool and silk to artificial and synthetic fibres, mixed fibres, intermingled yarns and fancy yarns.

A typical Italian family company, it was founded by the grandfather Giuseppe Carabelli with his friend Armando Canton and grew up with his son Danilo. Today the four siblings Raffaella, Giuseppe, Debora and Elena Carabelli with Wanda Canton are the “driving forces” of the company.

In the past five-year period, sales have increased to staggering numbers: +80 per cent with over 30 million turnovers in 2018. This can be attributed to the choices made by Fadis in the past. First of all, investments in R&D and innovations of the production itself in 4.0 key. The company currently invests 6 per cent of annual revenues to upgrade its machinery for higher performance and more flexible production, and also creates new machines by anticipating the needs of its domestic and international clientele. In fact, planning has been organised on an open platform system. All machinery models have been optimised to make them adaptable to the individual textile sectors, from upholstery to hosiery, from shirting to knitwear, from medical to high performance technical yarns to carpets.

Thanks to these numbers and according to a research of the Italian daily newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, Fadis has proven to be one of the 500 “Made in Italy” CHAMPION companies, for the second consecutive year. These companies have not suffered the great crisis, on the contrary, in these dark years they have relaunched by investing more and more in research, development, company organisation and markets.

Fadis is the only company in the world capable to offer all the best machinery necessary for the preparation of yarn and for all subsequent dyeing processes, whether for packages, hanks or FAPPâ„¢/Muff, in addition to all the machines for winding the yarn after dyeing. Over time, the production line has been enriched with other lines related to the evolution of synthetic yarns, such as cops winding and air texturisation. To choose the complete Fadis cycle (from the beginning to the end) offers a big advantage : Fadis becomes the reference partner, so as to advise and customise the right machines to resolve all the customer requirements.

Thanks to the innovative constructional philosophy called “open platform”, it is possible to create, together with the customer, a machine which fully responds to his technical/production requirements, and which can be modified at any time to meet new market needs. This constructional flexibility allows the customer to identify – in a single basic model – all the processes he needs, with undeniable advantages with regard to personnel training, maintenance and production organisation, as well as the capacity to process all types of yarns.

Flexibility and internationalisation are two of Fadis’ strategic pillars. On an average, the company exports 93 per cent of its production to 70 countries, offering also a wide-spread after-sales assistance. It has representative offices and several after-sales assistance offices in many countries, including the possibility of activating a remote emergency assistance system directly from the company’s headquarters.

The company made the right choice by keeping the whole production based in Italy and working with 95 per cent Italian suppliers: Flexibility in swiftly meeting the customers’ needs, a guarantee of total quality (checks, tests) and the most prestigious certifications are the company’s strengths. Fadis has also greatly invested in sustainability, both through the “Sustainable Technologies Project” promoted by ACIMIT to make textile machinery increasingly eco-sustainable and by installing a photovoltaic system giving an annual energy production of 650 thousand kilowatts, reducing the carbon footprint equal to 11.6 tonne.

Furthermore, Fadis has completely reorganised its production premises, logistics and internal organisation in the light of Industry 4.0. Fadis has invested in the reorganisation of the production processes by changing all the handling and storage logistics through 11 automated warehouses, all interconnected with the company’s computer systems. It invested in mechanical processing by buying new state-of-the-art tooling and robotic machinery. Thanks to this decision, Fadis has brought back inside all the mechanical processing that has guaranteed the flexibility necessary to swiftly adept to market changes and meet customers’ needs.

Fadis not only underwent a reorganisation, but also developed a communication software (FID) for its winders that allows to interconnect the information systems of the customer to the machines, so as to send and receive back data of the production carried out.

As other challenges are emerging, Fadis will continue to work on both products and company organisation so as to seize the continuing opportunities offered by Industry 4.0. This is an ambitious challenge and a new revolution that will change the world of production.

Fadis will be present at ITMA Barcellona in H7 – B209, with a stand of more than 400 sq.m. where all the lines and innovations will be displayed.

Package line – one solution for all problems

The soft winders, rewinders and assembly winders with electronic yarn-guided winding spindles with precision crossing and completely electronical “on-line” tension and density control are designed for the processing of both continuous and staple yarns. They are without any doubt the technologically most advanced and efficient machines on the market today. A new line of compact and efficient double-sided rewinders, with a complete range of machines with automatic doffing will be presented as a preview at the ITMA exhibition.

Hank line – experience in a modern way

Hank dyeing is especially fascinating just because it combines secular experience handed on from generation to generation with the most sophisticated technologies. It is a competition of excellence, where research, innovation, technology and competitiveness play an essential role.

Fadis adopted it as its own by realising the only reeling machine and the only hank to cone winder with electronic yarn-guided winding spindles equipped with precision crossing on the market today, ideal for processing cotton, wool, acrylic, silk and viscose.

Elastic yarn line – a continuous evolution

Undisputed leader in this steadily growing sector, Fadis was the first company to have presented the SINCRO M machine for the production of Fappâ„¢ (Fadis Precision Package), with a very low density that allows a wide margin of retraction for the yarn during the dyeing process, thus maintaining a high residual elasticity percentage of the stretch yarn.

In fact, with this extensively tested preparation system and thanks to the possibility of unwinding the FAPP™ packages with the SINCRO RFM SW rewinder with its “on-line” automatic tension control, it is possible to obtain results quite similar to the quality of hank dyeing, but with the simplicity and inexpensiveness typical of package dyeing.

Elastic and elastomeric yarn line

Air intermingling machine – air covering – air texturisation machine – the universal machine: The highest level of “open platform” constructional design is found in the SINCRO MULTIPLA machine. This is a “multi-function” machine equipped with the high technology that distinguishes the whole “SINCRO” line, able to meet eight different production needs: soft winder, rewinder, assembly winder, air intermingling machine, air covering, air covering from FAPPTM, MUFF and hanks, air covering dual core machine and the new texturisation machine that will be presented at ITMA 2019 to complete the line. Thanks to this innovative constructional principle, it is possible to create, together with the customer, a machine which fully responds to his technical/production requirements, and which can be modified at any time to meet new market needs.

Spooling line: In this line, Fadis is present with its Sincro Sprint machine for the preparation of flanged bobbins, used in the covering process and as assembly winder in the silk twisting process. This is a modern concept of compact and efficient double-sided rewinder with independent winding spindles with electronic yarn-guide with precision crossing and motorised bobbin. Equipped with an “on-line” automatic control device, it has been designed to reach high winding speeds and offers the versatility, choice and modification of all the parameters necessary to wind the yarn onto flanged bobbins.

Cops winding line: This absolute novelty will be presented at ITMA 2019. Brand-new and revolutionary, the SINCRO COPSY machine is meant to prepare cops and flanged bobbins (i.e. Hamel type). The uniqueness of this new machine is the possibility to double (at least) the productivity when compared to existing machines, simplifying the performance and loading and unloading of the bobbins by the operator, thanks to an innovative technical solution which changes its ergonomics. All this is made possible by using independent winding spindles equipped with an electronic yarn-guide, with precision crossing and motorised bobbin.