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ColorJet introduces green digital fabric printing

Sep 01, 2016

ColorJet digital textile printers use environmentally-friendly water-based pigment inks.

ColorJet Group, the largest manufacturer of digital inkjet printers in India, which participated in the Knit Show held recently at Tirupur in Tamil Nadu introduced its direct to fabric digital printing machines using water based pigment inks aimed at green digital printing. ColorJet showcased samples printed on its best-selling direct to fabric digital printing machines; the METRO and VASTRAJET, which use the groundbreaking and environmentally friendly, water based pigment inks.

Traditionally, printing through all other inks whether through screen or digital, a square metre of fabric consumes about 100 litres of water till finishing. Major pollutants in the discharged waste water are highly suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand, acidity, etc. This waste water if not treated properly, pollutes the environment. Water-based pigment inks are the answer to the pollution challenges faced by the fabric screen printers of Tirupur and its surroundings.

The Madras High Court, in February 2011, decreed that all dyeing units in Tirupur would have to shut down for violating pollution norms. They would only be reopened when they implemented zero-discharge protocols in order to protect the surrounding farmlands and rivers. “This is why, we know that it is time for an innovative change in the way industry prints on textiles,” Smarth Bansal, Brand Manager at ColorJet points out. “Challenging the industry status-quo is ColorJet’s goal, by way of introducing groundbreaking eco-friendly digital textile printing machines using water based pigment inks,” Bansal adds.

ColorJet has now also entered into the league of high production segment and unveiled the advanced high speed industrial grade digital textile printer, the METRO in the Indian market, which fantastically incorporates the latest technology and efficient engineering to meet ever growing demands and operates at a maximum speed of 362 sq m per hour. The high speed is achieved through specially-designed jetting controls to optimise print heads performance, to match the high jetting frequency, and the mechanical structure is designed to handle high speeds and precise dot placements.

Compatible to work with all types of inks like reactive, acid, disperse and pigment, this printer weaves magic on a variety of fabrics. Be it any kind of fabric, ranging from 0.1 mm to 30 mm including cotton, polyester, silk, viscose, wool, nylon, acetate and various blended fabrics can be printed on the METRO.

Another direct to fabric printer with moderate production capabilities, the VASTRAJET, after a spate of success stories in Surat, is geared up to help southern India mills attain economies of scale, by reducing turnaround time and is also suitable for natural as well as polyester based fabrics like georgette, moss crepe, weightless, chiffon, etc. With awesome scalable properties, this printer can suit all the needs of the textile printing business and delivers in the least payback period. It is equipped with a heater and feeder and is capable of meeting the ever changing requirements of the fabric printing industry.

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