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Colorant textile dyes tackle sustainability

Jul 01, 2016
Colorant textile dyes tackle sustainability

New dyes from Ahmedabad-based Colorant Ltd are said to use less water and energy, and decrease processing skills in comparison to conventional dyes, in a bid to tackle environmental and sustainability issues of the textile wet processing industry. The dyes are in highly concentrated and crude form. It is also salt free reactive dyes and no diluent is added. It is called pure dyes.

If dyeing is done using medium to dark shades, then less dyes is used which means less salt, less soda and less washing, and soaping process is required. It will result in less effluent load and is known as environmental conscious dyes.

The dyes are named as CES series. The Trichromy used for cotton fibre and yarn dyeing, knitted and woven fabrics dyeing. It is widely accepted in the Indian and international markets and is specially designed for for exhaust dyeing.

These dyes are suitable for light, medium, dark and heavy dark shades, and is GOTS certified. It is a new range of high tinctorial value, good robustness, extraordinary colour value, unmatchable lab to bulk and bulk to bulk reproducibility. It is also very cost effective. There is less chance of reprocessing of dyed lots. It increases the RFT percentage.

Following are the dyes: Colron Lemon CES, Colron Golden Yellow CES, Colron Orange CES, Colron Brill Red CES, Colron Ruby CES, Colron Red CES, Colron Crimson CES, Colron Blue CES and Colron Violet CES.

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