Biancalani machines set sustainability standards

Biancalani machines set sustainability standards

Our BRIO24, which is for continuous shrinkage treatment of knitwear, gives maximum shrinkage in every type of fabric.”

The year 2018 was better than the previous year as far as the Indian market is concerned, said Rossano Biancalani, President of the Italian giant, Biancalani Textile Machinery, with his characteristic smile, exuding optimism for the technologies his company offers globally. During an informal chat with the Editor of Indian Textile Journal, he said that “the textile industry in India is huge, and Biancalani’s agent, Bakhubhai Ambalal takes care of all our customers.”

Said Biancalani: “There is a growing interest for our finishing technologies in India. We are mostly in terry towels, but we are also working in every field including upholstery, apparels and synthetic materials. Some customers are working on knitwear. Our BRIO24, which is for continuous shrinkage treatment of knitwear, gives maximum shrinkage in every type of fabric.”

Biancalani has never rested on its laurels. “Our next unique processing machine is getting ready for Barcelona ITMA exhibition. But it is already available for trials to any customer interested in it. The BRIO24 was first launched at ITMA Milano in 2015, and now it has gone through several changes. Now after intense trials, it is ready for selling to important customers.”

China is also a very big market for Biancalani machines. Said the President: This is a very interesting market from the view of its size. We have an agent in Shanghai. Our strength is not only in sales but also in after-sales customer support through service and maintenance.”

Talking of sustainability and eco-processing, Biancalani said: “Our machines, especially AIRO24 and BRIO24 work with no chemicals, and both are using minimum power possible. The dynamics is that the machines are driven by air and hence virtually no chemicals are used, and today with customers eyeing sustainability, these are the most wanted machines in the market. Today, it is fashionable to talk of sustainability, but Biancalani has already set a landmark way back by inventing machines that use only air.”

Biancalani concluded by saying that in India terry towel manufacturers including Welspun have the most number of Biancalani machines because “for terry towels, and any other product AIRO 24 is a high-efficiency open-width continuous tumbler for drying and softening every kind of fabric and the Biancalani BRIO is the active relaxation dryer for knits with its perfect shrinking for higher dimensional stability than traditional drum tumblers.”

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