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Wafer-thin but as stable as a protective shield

Jul 01, 2015
Wafer-thin but as stable as a protective shield

Diving in a dry suit of Kallweit GmbH with the new fabric of ContiTech underneath an ice cover.

A new dry suit fabric developed by ContiTech offers maximum protection and the greatest possible level of safety in and under water. At the same time, the coated fabric offers maximum wear comfort, as it is extremely lightweight and pleasingly flexible. ´Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience, we have successfully developed in close collaboration with Kallweit ´ a leading dry suit company ´ a product that will allow us to expand our range to include protective suits designed for water,´ says Rodrigo Maia, who heads the Engineered Coated Systems segment at ContiTech Elastomer Coatings. ContiTech will present a prototype of the dry suit at Techtextil at Booth D32 in Hall 3.0.

Innovative fabric for greatest possible level of safety: Diving in a dry suit of Kallweit GmbH with the new fabric of ContiTech underneath an ice cover.

Innovative fabric for the highest requirements
The new fabric is made in Germany, and the result of several years of intensive development work. Kallweit GmbH found a reliable manufacturer of elastomer fabrics in ContiTech, a manufacturer that guarantees high material and delivery qualities. ´Together with Kallweit, we gradually developed a product that meets all dry suit requirements both in a professional as well as a recreational setting,´ reports Maia. ´We engaged in a constant exchange of information with ContiTech and continuously compared the theoretical laboratory results with our practical experience during test diving,´ adds Daniel Körner, general manager of Kallweit GmbH. The result was a fabric that remains watertight even after 170 diving hours under extreme loads. ´The best fabrics currently available on the market let water through at a depth of 10 to 15 meters,´ says Maia. ´Ours remains reliably watertight.´

Maximum safety with a high level of comfort
High demands are placed on dry suit fabrics: ´Basically, our customers are looking for the thinnest fabric, but one that is also as stable as a protective shield,´ says Körner. The new fabric from ContiTech is extremely watertight and thus offers a high level of safety for the diver. It is reliable and robust. The developers placed a special focus on high wear comfort. ´I know of no other product on the market that is as flexible and lightweight as ContiTech´s new fabric while also offering a comparable level of watertightness,´ emphasizes Körner. The many practical tests also showed that the fabric absorbed any condensation considerably better than competitor products. The innovative Condensation Control Technology (CCT) enables optimum regulation of the body temperature ´ a genuine advantage for the customer. The new fabric also has an extraordinarily pleasant feel. It is low-noise and feels light and pliant.

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