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Our products can help save time for textile companies

Sep 01, 2015
Our products can help save time for textile companies

¨The abundance of power-hungry mission-critical processes in industrial applications makes secure, reliable power more important than ever¨, stresses Chandrashekhar Prakashrao, Sales Director - Secure Power for Industry & Infrastructure, Schneider Electric, in an interaction with The ITJ.

How has the utilisation of UPS developed over the years in the application for textile industry in India?
The utilisation of UPS has definitely gone up immensely in the last couple of years. The demand and supply of power is more in textile industries, as the industry suffers huge losses in the absence of regular power supply needed for their critical continuous production processes. Power back up through UPS is necessary to prevent unplanned stops which mean loss of crucial production time, variations in product quality and expensive time taken for the production.

The abundance of power-hungry mission-critical processes in industrial applications makes secure, reliable power more important than ever. Facilities and operations managers are tasked with implementing an increasing number of sophisticated applications that depend on uninterrupted supply of power from the grid and other sources. By applying our heritage of innovation and quality to create secure power solutions specific to end-user specific sectors and applications, we expand our ability to unleash the true potential of our customers´ high-performance, high-efficiency processes.

We apply technologies from our APC and GUTOR brands to provide secure power components for a range of industrial applications. These applications include; continuous manufacturing process and control; monitoring and control automation; navigation systems, such as radar; instrumentation and metering; and security systems.

What are the various product options from Schneider for the textile industry and which are the segments in textiles that find wider usage?
We at Schneider Electric have many product ranges that can help the textile industries in saving time during the critical environment process. Recently, we unveiled our Galaxy VM - three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with ECOnversion- technology.

Galaxy VM ranges UPS are up to 99 per cent efficient and is easy to deploy with seamless integration into the electrical, physical and monitoring environments of customers operating medium data centers, industrial or facilities applications. Galaxy VM employs Schneider´s patented ECOnversion- technology which combines high energy efficiency and seamless switch-over to inverter mode in the event of a mains power failure. It is the first UPS in India that has four-level inverter technologies, which can be of immense benefit to the textile industries in critical environment.

What are the differentiating factors for Schneider products from that of competitors?
Our Secure Power Systems offer a comprehensive roster of hardware and services applicable to a wide range of industries, as well as direct development of new technology and services to meet evolving customer demands. The Secure Power Systems offers a dedicated line of business to our customers across multiple mission critical applications to further assist them in meeting all of their energy management and efficiency goals. Schneider Electric has a long history as the market leader providing secure power services to the IT sector and is expanding its products and services for industries and facilities beyond data centres. In particular, organisations in healthcare, semiconductor fabrication, transportation, water, oil and gas and energy all rely heavily on uninterrupted power for mission-critical processes such as security systems and automated manufacturing.

We are focusing on 6 major segments in Industrial and