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Karl Mayer creates a niche in Ichalkaranji

Feb 01, 2018
Karl Mayer creates a niche in Ichalkaranji

In the last few years, more than 40 Karl Mayer sizing and warping machines have been installed in Ichalkaranji.

Ichalkaranji, popularly known as the ‘Manchester of Maharashtra’, is one of the prominent centres of the decentralised textile sector in India. Recent years have seen a phenomenal growth of the textile industry in Ichalkaranji with major investments in the latest technologies.

In the weaving sector, around 9,000 shuttleless weaving machines, mainly high speed airjet and rapier technology, 20,000 auto looms, Ruti-C, Ruti-B and Cimmco, and 1,20,000 plain power looms are in operation, producing fabrics such as grey apparel, cambric, poplin, dhoti, printed sari, blouse, interlining, shirting, sheeting, canvas, and industrial textiles. To cater to the weaving machines, there are about 160 sizing units with more than 250 sizing machines in all, which include a range of conventional machines as well as the most modern technology machines.

A.T.E. has a strong presence in the Ichalkaranji market with several Karl Mayer installations. As a renowned solution provider, A.T.E. consistently meets increasing customer expectations in terms of high quality warp, and better productivity to achieve the best performance on high speed shuttleless weaving machines. In the last few years, more than 40 Karl Mayer sizing and warping machines have been installed in this market, while many more machines are expected soon.

Jathar Group of Textiles is a well-known job sizer from Ichalkaranji and has so far installed 11 Karl Mayer warp preparation machines. The leading airjet weavers in Ichalkaranji turn to the Jathar Group for all their sizing beams, as they find the performance of their weaving machine is much better with warp sized on Karl Mayer machines.

Sachin Jathar, Managing Director of the Jathar Group of Textiles, and his team believe that as a job sizer one must have adequate process knowledge on sizing technology and also have the best quality warp preparation equipment to retain customers. Expressing his satisfaction with the Karl Mayer machines, Jathar says, “since our first purchase in the year 2010, Karl Mayer machines have been operating to the best of our satisfaction. Due to Karl Mayer machines, the sized beams started performing well on high-speed air jet looms with the highest efficiency and productivity. A.T.E. and Karl Mayer teams have always supported us and gave us the right guidance. We are happy with the overall performance of Karl Mayer machines and today we have 11 Karl Mayer warp preparation machines, which cater to a major market segment in Ichalkaranji.”

The increasing preference for the Karl Mayer technology can be gauged from the repeat orders received for warp preparation machines from other leading customers like the Baldev Group, Arvind Texfab and many more from the Ichalkaranji market.

Karl Mayer has recently introduced PROSIZE technology, a breakthrough innovation in sizing, designed to provide unmatched advantages and benefits to customers. After the successful installation of the first 2 PROSIZE machines in Ichalkaranji (out of a total of 20 machines supplied so far in India), there are several orders for the PROSIZE machines in the pipeline from this market.

KARL MAYER is technology and market leader as well as driving force for innovations in textile machinery building. The manufacturer offers perfect solutions for warp knitting, technical textiles and warp preparation for weaving.