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Terrot I3P 8-lock machine for widest knit range

admin- August 1, 2014

Terrot is one of the world brand leaders, and together with its partner Terrot Hongkong Ltd, it exhibited two machine models: I3P154 34-ö E28 and ... Read More

Terrots high-tech knitting machinery

admin- June 1, 2014

Terrot as one of the world brand leader is among the exhibitors at the ITMA ASIA CITME 2014. Together with our partner Terrot Hongkong Ltd., ... Read More

Terrots knitting machines at ITMA ASIA

admin- May 1, 2014

Terrot will be exhibiting their two machine models?I3P154 34" E28 and UCC548T 34ö E28?at ITMA ASIA CITME 2014. They have partnered with Terrot Hongkong Ltd ... Read More