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Birla Cellulose announces participation at Bharat Tex 2024

admin- February 15, 2024

This participation underscores Birla Cellulose's dedication to fostering innovation, collaboration, and sustainable practices within the textile sector. In a testament to their unwavering commitment to ... Read More

Birla Cellulose drives sustainability agenda in home textiles at Karur hub-meet

admin- December 6, 2023

The highlight of the session was the profound interest exhibited by exporters in Birla Cellulose's innovative products, prompting a desire to embark on trial initiatives ... Read More

Birla Cellulose unveils new groundbreaking Circular Yarn Blend

admin- October 11, 2023

This innovative blend significantly enhances the proportion of mechanically recycled fibre to 50 per cent while maintaining high-strength yarn, making it ideal for fabric and ... Read More

Birla Cellulose launches Ecosoft- Bamboo Viscose Fibre

admin- September 15, 2023

Birla Viscose Ecosoft is embedded with a molecular tracer which allows the manufacturers to trace the supply chain journey through a detailed transaction certificate. Birla ... Read More

Birla Cellulose partners with Usha Yarn to provide recycled and sustainable yarn

admin- June 30, 2023

Birla Cellulose and Usha Yarn are collaborating to use pre- and post-consumer textile wastes to make recycled yarn, which will have more than 50 per ... Read More

Birla Cellulose partners with TextileGenesis for transparent solutions

admin- May 27, 2023

Regulatory changes towards sustainable fashion have driven big brands to set key sustainability and ESG goals by 2030 and made the traceability platform a key ... Read More