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Strategy for recovery of textile & apparel industry

admin- October 1, 2020

Our strategy should be focused on conquering the larger pie of the textiles and apparel segment in the international market, writes Avinash Mayekar of Suvin ... Read More

Ghana launches apparel association

admin- November 23, 2017

The Association of Ghana Apparel Manufacturers (AGAM), a business network and advocacy organisation for the Ghanaian apparel business, was launched in Accra recently and the ... Read More

Cost control in spinning mill

admin- February 1, 2016

For the best working of a spinning mill, we have to keep everything ideal, based on industry norms, benchmarking with the best technical study by ... Read More

50 years As the technological ambassador to USA

admin- October 1, 2015

Products such as nylon stockings and denim jeans, brands such as Lycra® and companies such as DuPont are global landmarks in the US-American textile history. Read More

Achhe din kab aayenge?

admin- October 1, 2015

I remember a presentation I made in China last June, where I proudly claimed that Indian textile industry would be well off even with less ... Read More

Only the Gutsy Wins!

admin- August 1, 2015

A couple of doctors I met recently confessed that even the medical fraternity, except for a few sophisticated and high-tech hospitals, disregard hygiene norms and ... Read More

Global competition is the major issue

admin- July 1, 2015

Global competition: Indian units have been facing competition from other countries like Taiwan, South Korea, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. Read More