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Decoding 2023 and forecasting the future in 2024 and beyond

admin- February 14, 2024

Implementation of various industry friendly textile policies by several state governments is a move in the right direction, says Dr S K Sundararaman The global ... Read More

For textile makers, calendar 2024 to weave a rebound

admin- December 22, 2023

Net-net, a favourable landscape marked by easing cost pressures and demand revival is likely to support the growth of Indian textiles in 2024, says Aniket ... Read More

RMG owners hesitate to set up factories in Bangladesh’s largest estate       

admin- November 7, 2023

Some have even cancelled their leases, citing slow progress in constructing vital infrastructures such as access roads and essential utilities for investment. Bangladesh's largest industrial ... Read More

Jeans manufacturers struggle amid factory closures in Karnataka

admin- November 7, 2023

Karnataka is currently facing a severe power crisis due to depleting water levels in hydel units. Industrial production has suffered due to frequent power failures, ... Read More

Outlook 2024: India’s moment of reckoning?

admin- September 25, 2023

India has the potential to not only regain its competitive edge but also emerge as a global leader in the textile and apparel sector, affirms ... Read More

Swedish textile machinery is driving sustainability through digitalisation at ITMA 2023

admin- June 7, 2023

Brands and mills are already starting to see environmental and economic benefits from non-contact precision dyeing and finishing systems. At ITMA 2023, it will be ... Read More

No boundaries for nonwovens innovation

admin- March 25, 2023

As INDEX 23 in Geneva approaches, all the indications are that international business is now fully bouncing back for the nonwovens industry, which is highly ... Read More