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Van de Wiele Extrusion delivers first BCF Extrusion line to Turkey

Jul 01, 2015

In September 2014, Van de Wiele extrusion successfully signed a contract with a Turkish customer to deliver a BCF extrusion line. The line is a mono colour line able to produce polypropylene, polyamide 6 and polyester BCF yarns. The mono colour line is delivered in March 2015. Other orders have been accepted and will be delivered in the near future.

Technical specifications:
The Van de Wiele BCF extrusion lines are based on a 3-end system with following specifications:
Multi- or single polymer executions

  • Modular system(s) starting from 1 extruder with 2 positions = 6 ends
  • Newly developed texturing device without lamellas:
  • Improved plug cooling for higher crimp stability.
  • Highly consistent and repeatable crimp values.
  • Gravimetric dosing system
  • Short melt pipe between extruder and spinning beam.
  • Round bottom loaded self-sealing spin pack
  • Reinforced floor panel of the quench cabinet which can be opened/closed pneumatically
  • Maximum output 40-42 kg/h/end at 100 per cent efficiency
  • Newly developed 3-ends winder:
  • Traverse system with multiple wings.
  • Cooler bobbins due to low friction winding.