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Testrite SmartForce Shrinkage Tester

Feb 01, 2016
Testrite SmartForce Shrinkage Tester

Testrite which is highly regarded as the world leader for yarn shrinkage tester equipment has recently celebrated over 50 years in the industry. All yarn shrinkage testing machines are designed and made in the UK. Now it is exporting over 90 per cent of its production overseas including China, India, Italy, Korea, Turkey, Germany, US, Czech Rep. Poland, Brazil, etc.

Testrite Smartforce Shrinkage Tester

The Testrite SmartForce Computerised Shrinkage Tester is a dual-channel shrinkage and force measurement instrument designed to test the performance of materials under heat stress including industrial and technical yarns, plastic, tapes, filament, monofilament, hybrid and spun yarns for textile applications such as nylon, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene and viscose, etc.

The SmartForce Computerised Yarn Shrinkage Tester can determine the free thermal shrinkage or shrinkage force in a yarn as it is exposed to a pre-set temperature ranging from ambient to 250°C (maximum). One or two samples can be tested simultaneously and with a choice of either two free shrinkage, two force or one of each at the same time. The duration of test is also variable. Maximum test temperature is 250°C, result values up to 35 per cent, shrinkage – 5 per cent elongation, and load cell range either 0-25 or 0-100 Newtons.

The SmartForce System consists of an oven unit and a PC software package. The oven unit comprises the heater, temperature controller, shrinkage and force measuring transducers and a data unit, all housed in a robust steel cabinet. The original Testrite Shrinkage Tester was used for the development of the ASTM D4974 designated test method and also conforms to EN 13844. Now this new updated model also conforms as does its predecessors, the Mk3 and Mk5 (which are still available).

The software package supplied is very user friendly and works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8. All the test parameters are set using the computer and allow a variety of result combinations.

Testrite has produced yarn free shrinkage testing measurement machines since 1965 and boasts a wealth of experience in this field. The first unit was originally designed for Dunlop to test their tyre cord yarns. Many famous tyre cord manufacturers use Testrite as their standard. Testrite can also supply a suitable PC if required.

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