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Power transmission & conveyor belts

Jun 01, 2015

Chiorino manufactures a complete range of high performing products able to meet all application requirements for the entire textile process, from yarn manufacturing to textile printing, as well as from inspection to cutting and to packaging.

Chiorino product ranges for the textile industry: Tangential belts for spinning and twisting; Power transmission belts; Spindle tapes; Machine tapes; Printing blankets; Crosslapper belts; Conveyor and processing belts; Texgum roller coverings; Spinning and texturizing aprons and cots; Condenser rub aprons; Coverings for expanding rollers.

Tangential belts and spindle tapes for yarn processing: Chiorino power transmission belts and spindle tapes are designed to provide maximum performance and to reduce energy consumption. Chiorino offers a full product range of tangential belts and spindle tapes.