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New baler yarn winder permits profitability increase of up to 50%

Aug 01, 2016
New baler yarn winder permits profitability increase of up to 50%

Between October 19 and 26, Oerlikon Barmag will be informing visitors to this year’s international plastics trade fair in Düsseldorf about new developments in the fields of extrusion equipment (Hall 16, Stand F18) and pump engineering (Hall 10, Stand B60).

Tape yarns for many different applications

In Hall 16 the main focus will be on solutions for tape production. The new developments from the Chemnitz-based think tank focus mainly on the EvoTape machine combined with the automatic tape yarn winder WinTape and – a trade fair premiere – an automatic baler yarn winder. Presented for the first time at the K three years ago, the combination of tape system and winder yields significant profitability increases of as much as 50 per cent – not only for carpet backing and geotextiles processes, but now also for baler yarn processes – compared to standard machines available on the market. EvoTape 800 and WinTape mini also offer an economical solution for sack and big bag fabric. WinTape mini was developed specifically for the production of tape yearns which are round-woven during further processing. With a winding speed of 800 m/min and a denier range of 400 to 2,500 dtex the winder is an impressive performer.

Upturn in artificial turf market

Substantial growth in the artificial turf market over the past year has boosted demands for solutions in monofilament production. Once again the extrusion equipment specialist Oerlikon Barmag is able to come up with customised solutions: from the spinning shop to texturing and spiral wrapping, Oerlikon Barmag services the entire process.

High-speed extrusion pump

Oerlikon Barmag’s pump specialists will be presenting the new high-speed extrusion pump, which achieves greater throughput rates with a lower investment volume. With the increased speeds it is possible to achieve a much greater throughput setting range reducing pulsation at the same time. Furthermore the reduced friction surfaces make for a smaller temperature increase in the melt and therefore for more efficient and energy-saving production. The improved process characteristics with higher throughput rates come on top of the already familiar benefits offered by the Oerlikon Barmag extruder pumps. These include a marked volumetric efficiency, a special compressive strength, high leak tightness and long service life. The combination of these advantages enable to end user to achieve double the throughput rates with the same pump size, but a substantially smaller melt temperature increase.

The GM ‘E’ gear metering pump

The pumps of the GM series have been developed specifically for use under difficult conditions. They provide high-precision metering even in the most demanding situations, e.g.: when pumping low-viscosity media under high pressure. The latest member of this sturdy pump family is the GM ‘E’ type pump.

With a greater setting range in the ratio of 1:40 and the resulting throughputs of 0.5 ml/min. to 40 l/min. the ‘E’-type pump covers a substantially wider production window. For the manufacturers of various components of polyurethane systems—such as foam blocks to make mattresses—this means that the number of pumps needed can be cut by as much as 50 per cent. According to the individual pump type, the flexibility in production is also increased. In addition a system requires fewer pump variants because of the expanded production window, which in turn has a positive effect in terms of spares stocking and servicing effort.

The compact design and low weight of the pump keep the load on the machine as low as possible, which has a positive impact on service life. Assembly and disassembly are simpler thanks to the use of centering dowels and this significantly cuts the manpower needed for servicing.