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Be Industry 4.0 Ready with BMSvision MES

Nov 01, 2018
Be Industry 4.0 Ready with BMSvision MES

The BMSvision MES covers all textile manufacturing processes.

BMSvision is a leading global supplier of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the discrete manufacturing industry, with a special focus on the textile industry. BMSvision’s MES, which can also be integrated with many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, is designed to help the textile industry not only to manage its current operations efficiently, but also accomplish the new demands of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory. With over 35 years experience, BMSvision has built its expertise continuously learning from a large installed base in the textile industry. Be it for spinning, weaving, and knitting, tufting or dyeing and finishing, BMSvision has applications which allow productivity and quality improvement. BMSvision’s installation teams are familiar with textiles, and its services are available worldwide.

BMSvision offers a wide variety of sensors and systems for the textile industry. The electronics and computers used in the products are state-of-the-art, offering the reliability required by the demanding textile environment. The BMSvision MES covers all textile manufacturing processes. Under the name WeaveMaster, a very powerful loom monitoring system is available. KnitMaster monitors circular as well as warp knitting machines. For the carpet industry BMSvision offers TuftMaster, a system to monitor tufting machines as well as carpet looms. Further, its SpinMaster and TwistMaster are systems used in yarn manufacturing.

BMSvision is the leading supplier in the field of automated on-loom fabric inspection. With the Cyclops scanner and the QualiMaster fabric quality management system, BMSvision offers a unique quality assurance solution for weavers.

No wonder, today, the leading companies all over the world rely on the BMSvision MES solutions for the daily management of their operations. e.g. Birla Century, Raymond Limited, RSWM Limited.