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ZDHC adds 4 new organisations as contributors

Dec 01, 2019

Four new organisations have been added as ZDHC contributors. Solution provider, Kaken Test Center and Achille Pinto from the textile and footwear industry have joined as part of the value chain affiliate category. The ZDHC Foundation oversees the implementation of the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme, a collaboration of fashion brands and associations. Kaken Test Center, the international testing organisation, operates laboratories in Japan and overseas. Its laboratories are accredited to ISO / IEC17025 and ISO 9001 standards. It supports safety, security, and comfort with world-class reliable technology and vast levels of knowledge and experience, according to ZDHC. Achille Pinto was founded in 1933. This organisation is involved in the research and development of textile collections. Its activities also include fabric finishing for clothing, and the design and production of scarves, ties and other textile accessories. The Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI), founded in 1959, is a government-funded research institute in Taiwan. Its activities are involved in R&D on fibre, yarn, dyeing and finishing, knitting, weaving, apparel, and textile testing.