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US Pima cotton acreage up

Sep 26, 2016
US Pima cotton acreage up

Acreage of American Pima cotton is up 23 per cent in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas this season. California’s 1,53,000 acres represent a 53 per cent increase in acreage from last year and more than 80 per cent of the total US American Pima production. The acreage could have gone higher if water had been available. Low processing tomato prices also prompted the cotton acreage increase.

Export sales for 2016-2017 are off to a robust start with 2,01,300 bales already registered compared to 70,500 bales last year at this time. The US produces 31 per cent of the world extra-long staple and long-staple cotton.

China is the biggest producer and consumer of ELS cotton, but its imports dropped sharply last season from 51 per cent of the world market to 35 per cent. Some of the loss was picked up with increased sales to India, Pakistan, and Turkey. Global supply is expected to be smaller this year. Carryover stocks from the 2015-2016 crop are estimated to be virtually unchanged.

Consumption is forecast to increase further following a large increase last year. Global stocks at the end of this year are expected to be 9 per cent lower. Despite water challenges, yields of American Pima have done remarkably well.