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TVF introduces high-definition textiles

Feb 06, 2018
TVF introduces high-definition textiles

Top Value Fabrics (TVF) introduces its new line of High-Definition Textiles by Georg+Otto Friedrich, engineered specifically for brilliant graphics displays.

“Georg+Otto Friedrich (G+O) is a world-renowned leader in manufacturing innovative textiles, and TVF is proud to be the North American distributor for G+O,” explains Jeff Nonte, Print Media Director for Top Value Fabrics. Nonte adds, “G+O’s commitment to excellence yields premium fabrics with incredible color clarity, consistency and definition.”

The new line relaunches fabrics that were previously offered by Pacific Coast Fabrics, which TVF acquired last year. TVF has strengthened the partnership with G+O to stock the collection through expanded, nationwide distribution. TVF’s newly introduced line of High-Definition Textiles is comprised of a full range of styles, with options in backlit, blockout, mesh, flag and frontlit display fabrics.

“One of G+O’s most popular fabrics worldwide is Microlux Soft 8179WFLBS,” says Mike Compton, Product Marketing Manager of Print Media for Top Value Fabrics. Compton adds, “This fabric offers outstanding performance for upscale backlit displays. Another favorite is Heavy Deko-Stretch 8488GFS, which is an award-winning solution for event and retail applications where a stretch fit is required. Heavy Deko-Stretch is engineered with equal 4-way stretch in width and length. The resulting dimensional stability alleviates installation issues traditionally associated with stretch fabrics since the fabric doesn’t wrinkle or skew after installation.”