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Spinning Mills Labourers of Tamil Nadu under Risk

Jun 01, 2021
Spinning Mills Labourers of Tamil Nadu under Risk

The difficult nature of the supply chain and lack of transparency about the trade flows makes it difficult to map all the links from spinning mill to consumers, says the report. It has been analysed using the indicators for forced labour given by the International Labour Organisation that the workers in these spinning mills are under pressure ad threat. They are even made to work overtime according to the report.

It also says that the employers take advantage of the miserable condition of the migrant labours that are recruited with false promises. As the corona crisis has worsened in the country, the condition of the labourers has also worsened as they are given less salary, mass dismissals, and forced overtime.

The weavers in Tamil Nadu also complained that the government has not done anything for the development of weavers in the state. According to Santha Ram, Vice-president, Bharat Handloom Weavers Association, the silk that is produced in Nilayur, is exported to other states like Gujarat and Maharashtra.  He also said that there are 500 handloom weavers in the village and they all are badly affected in the lockdown due to the pandemic. He feels that the next government should do something meaningful for the weaver community. He also wants that the government should waive off the loans and debts on the weavers and that the government should provide the weaver community pucca houses to live in.

Source – Mint

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