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Schoeller, Textil develop unique dyeing process

May 05, 2017
Schoeller, Textil develop unique dyeing process

Swiss companies Schoeller and Textil color have collaborated to create a new auxiliary concept used in polyester dyeing called ‘Ecodye’ technology, which is expected to accelerate the dyeing process and, in turn, cut costs and preserve environment.

The new eco dye auxiliary concept allows eco-friendly and cost-saving dyeing processes for polyester yarns and piece goods. It shortens the heating phase, thus accelerating process time by more than 30 per cent. At the same time, it reduces energy consumption by 20 per cent and the water requirement by 2 per cent as the goods can be cleaned in the cooling dye bath. In addition, eco dye improves the dyeing levelness in polyester textiles.

The technology is being used by polyester processing customers in categories including outdoor, sportswear and technical knitted fabrics, primarily in Europe, South and Central America, Turkey, Bangladesh and China. Water Molecule and less density, absence of dye sites are some of the factors, along with it the thickness of the polyester products are high compared to other products.