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Request to recognise the issue of NIFT degree

Jul 27, 2021
Request to recognise the issue of NIFT degree

New Delhi

A request has been submitted by a Parliamentary Standing Committee to the Ministry of Textiles to take up the issue of due recognition to the NIFT degree which is lying pending for a long time.

The committee has expressed concerns because there have been several communications from the ministry requesting UGC to recognize NIFT degrees at the appropriate levels in the interest of students. It is said that the degrees that are not mentioned under section of the UGC Act, 1956 are considered invalid.

According to a report, a request has been initiated to the ministry to make efforts to expand the student support and scholarship scheme so that more students are benefitted and adequate generation of funds can be explored. The institute is offering various student support and scholarships such as Sarthak NIFT Financial Assistance Scheme, Merit-Based Scholarships, and Udaan - NIFT Scholarship Scheme for Foreign Students.

Another suggestion given by the committee is that the institute should expand the courses and offer more programmes according to the global standards.

Source – Business World

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