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Polyester yarn prices fluctuate

Sep 28, 2016
Polyester yarn prices fluctuate

In Shengze, offers for 32s polyester yarn fell US cents 3 a kg in the last week of August, and 45s were down on the week. In Qiangqing, offers for 32s weaving were down US cents 3 a kg during the week.

Spun polyester yarns prices weakened in China as there was no improvement in sales that week. Producers in Zhejiang were shut for G20 summit and will restart in succession soon. Prices retreated in Shengze amid thin transaction while offers in Qiangqing were lowered and producers sold goods in sporadic volumes.

In Pakistan, polyester spun yarn prices were rising to reflect hike in PSF prices recent week. 30s spun polyester prices rose US cents 6 a kg while 60s were up US cents 3 a kg on the week.

In India, polyester yarn prices rolled over in Indore and Ludhiana markets, given the stable run in PSF markets. Overall, rigid demand will continue to pressure prices as the weak situation will hardly change.