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Myntra and Flipkart to stay connected with Canopy

Jul 27, 2021
Myntra and Flipkart to stay connected with Canopy

Bengaluru and Vancouver

Flipkart and Myntra have announced that they will source sustainable packages and man-made cellulosic fibers in collaboration with Canopy.

The companies realize that forests play an essential role in maintaining the stability of the climate. They also preserve diversity and protect the rights of the local communities. The Canopy’s Pack4Good and CanopyStyle initiatives have been joined by Myntra and Flipkart to extend their support to move towards sustainable material sourcing and packaging. The companies have also announced that they will be shifting to single-use plastics in their packaging. They will be using sustainable alternatives like eco-friendly paper shreds, replacing bubble wraps with carton waste shredded material, 

According to the initiative, the two Flipkart groups will be sourcing sustainable forest-derived products and will use alternative next-generation solutions for raw materials which were earlier taken from forests. As per the commitment, the companies are going to focus on the following initiatives in the next three years-

?        They will increase the utilization of recycled materials in packaging.

?        They will increase the use of digital marketing, communication, and accounting methods.

?        They will be using reusable packaging systems for intra business activities.

?        They will encourage the use of recycled, reusable, and FSC certified paper.

?        They will design refillable shipping boxes in order to reduce corrugated paper.

?        The companies will be adopting the best practice related to circular economy innovations.

?        They will increase the use of man-made cellulosic fibre for in-house products like viscose, lyocell, rayon, and modal.

According to Nicole Rycroft, Executive Director, Canopy, India has a great potential to become a global leader in the production of next-generation clothing and packaging. He also said that Canopy is delighted to collaborate with Flipkart to achieve the goal of environmental stability.

According to Hemant Badri, Senior Vice-President, Flipkart, the company is pleased to join the initiative by Canopy which will help to save the ancient and endangered forests of the world.  

Source – Canopy Planet

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