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Mayer & Cie sees big demand for interlock fabrics in India

Nov 30, 2016
Mayer & Cie sees big demand for interlock fabrics in India

A highly-productive interlock machine, a mattress cover specialist and a spinning and knitting machine that can produce patterns. That is, in a nutshell, the product portfolio Mayer & Cie. will be presenting in Mumbai from 3 to 8 December 2016. At the Indian Mayer representative Batliboi’s stand Hall 5 Booth 19 visitors will find a D4 2.2 II HPI, an OVJA 1.6 EM HS and a Spinit 3.0 E equipped with the new Fancy module. With each of these three machines, the German knitting machine manufacturer aims to fulfill central requirements of the Indian market and at the same time to underscore its claim to technology and innovation leadership.

World’s most productive interlock machine
“Demand for interlock fabrics in synthetic and polyester yarns is very high in India and throughout the region,” says Timo Schramm, Sales Director, India, Mayer & Cie. “So the market is fiercely contested. With the D4 2.2 II HPI, we have succeeded in gaining really good access to the market once more, and we have made significant headway, especially against local manufacturers.”

First unveiled at the 2015 ITMA in Milan, the D4 2.2 II, especially its high-performance version the HPI, is highly popular in India. Last year, Mayer & Cie. completed two projects, each involving the sale of several dozen machines. The key strength of the D4 2.2 II HPI is its productivity, which is two to three times that of a conventional interlock machine. With the D4 2.2 II, a knitter can produce up to 400 kg of fabric per day. It knits with 4.4 systems per inch with an overall diameter of 30 inches. With 1,132 systems in all, the machine runs at 34 rpm – a speed at which it is way ahead of the field.

Along with its output, Timo Schramm says, the range of yarns the machine can knit accounts for its success. “The D4 2.2 II works with synthetic yarns just as fast and reliably as with staple fibres; it can even handle 100 per cent cotton. That puts us well ahead of other knitting machine manufacturers.”

A flexible high performer
Performance is a focal point of the OVJA 1.6 EM HS too. At 30 rpm and 38 inches, the machine achieves a speed factor of 1,140. So, compared with its predecessor, the OVJA 1.6 EM HS delivers 25 per cent more performance. Flexibility is the second strong point of a machine that knits double jersey jacquard fabric and double layer with weft thread. Electronic individual needle selection in the cylinder is an important prerequisite for a wide range of patterns and weights.

“With our tried and tested OVJA family of machines, we offer a range of high-quality solutions for the manufacture of mattress cover fabrics,” Schramm says. “The OVJA 1.6 EM HS is our most powerful specialist in a segment that is growing continuously in India. That is why we are exhibiting it with an industrial frame at the ITME.”
Spinit 3.0 E with the Fancy module

The Spinit 3.0 E spinning and knitting machine will be on show “live” at the ITME, equipped with the Fancy module. With the Fancy module the machine, which combines three previously separate operations, can produce patterns. Via the electronically-controlled drafting systems, different yarn counts can be generated in the ongoing process. Unique patterns are created in processing as a result of the free alternation of transparent and opaque pattern areas. Michael A. Tuschak, who is in charge of spinitsystems marketing and sales at Mayer & Cie., says: “Our Spinit already offers a wide range of benefits in relation to production times, energy requirements and CO2 footprint. In the Fancy module, we can offer our customers yet another distinguishing feature, which we are exhibiting at ITME because the Indian market is very important for Spinit.”